When I decided to be a ProBlogger


Life as a ProBlogger looks like a fairy tale. But it is not that easy. There are many thrones on the way to this CROWN.

Long back around 2009 – 10, I watched a Hindi movie called “3Idiots”. At the end, the main character of the movie discloses he was habitual of reading his friend’s blog.


Blog – What is that?

What is Blog?

I have the curious type of nature from my childhood. Always I used to put my head on unnecessary things. None of a single friend of mine thought of that. But this freaky mind over my shoulder gets near about insane to know the term “Blog”.

At last, I won the battle. And come to know, it is a kind of article on the internet. And the art of writing those articles is known as “Blogging”.

Decision taken

Since that day I have decided to be a ProBlogger.

As I was a Computer Science student, I got the job in IT sector. Gradually days, months, years got passed. But that dream of becoming a ProBlogger was somewhere on my subconscious mind.

Ultimately I have decided to leave my job on 2011 and will start ProBlogging. But it has taken almost 6 years to execute that plan. At the end of 2016, I quit my day job and jump into the ocean of ProBlogging.

Initial days as ProBlogger

Initially, I struggled a lot as I do not have any idea of blogging. Slowly I strengthen my hold on it.

About 70 percent of blogger left blogging because of they unable to maintain the passion of blogging. Remember it is not a month, two month or 6-month job. It is a continuous practice of years.

Maintain the Passion

It is very difficult to maintain the same passion for those long years. There are so many cases when a blogger got success with in few months. But they were exceptions. Generally, it will take few years to establish you as a ProBlogger.


Below are some links are given that can help you to start your career as ProBlogger.


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How to write quality content for your blog?

How to use tools for content writing?


This is me on the road to ProBlogger. Waiting for your comment.

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