How mAH is not enough you need to consider other factors too

How mAH is not enough

Smart phones are now lifeline of our daily engagements. And batteries are the heart of Smart phones. But how much mAH battery is good for your Smart phone.

It is a normal complaint that batteries are drying very frequently. The capacity of keeping the charge of a battery depends on mAH.

What is mAH?

It’s a mechanism to show the electrical capacity of your battery. Your Mobile phones battery charging capacity depends on mAH. More the mAH of your battery more the phone will keep the charge. But phones battery also has a life span. Therefore you should look for other factors also.


So, while buying Smart phones you should look for more mAH (milliampere-hour) i.e. more units of batteries. But if you are looking for best batteries then only mAH is not enough, you have to consider other things also.

Keep eyes on these things

Mobile phones battery generally depends on these two factors –

Capacity and Capability.

Phone capacity can be measured in watt-hours. It is written in batteries manual. More watt-hours will help to increase the battery life. On the other hand, capability decides how many hours your mobile will keep a charge.

Three most important factors you should consider

Best smart phones not only consist of good RAM, storage capacity, camera but also it should have good battery backup.

While considering a good battery you should consider battery type, its capacity and also look for charging mechanism.

1. Battery Type

When you decide to buy a phone, first decide you need a removal or non-removal battery. Non-removal means inbuilt battery which you cannot detach by your own.

However inbuilt batteries are more powerful than removal batteries. But Incase battery gets damage you cannot replace it on the other side you can replace the removable batteries.


It depends on your profession or habit. If you like to travel or you are in marketing job then the inbuilt battery is good for you. As it keeps a charge for more time.

And if you are a casual user than the removable battery is good as you can replace the battery in case you drop or damage your battery.

2. Battery Capacity

Lithium-ion is the most used battery. It has better charging power than others. Lithium-polymer is its advanced version and it is more powerful. But it is costlier than lithium-ion.


If you like to play game and love to watch movies on mobile than lithium-polymer is good else lithium ion is enough.

3. Charging Mechanism

Wireless charging is not much popular as wired charging. But it is beneficial. It is costlier than a wired one.


If you can afford it, wireless charging is good. But you need to make sure that your handset is supporting wireless charging.

Final tips for long lasting batteries

  • Maintain the low brightness on your mobile.
  • Remove the unnecessary apps from home screens menu button.
  • Use the battery saver apps. Make sure it should be secure.
  • Do not drain battery full. Charge it before it comes down to 0%. A dead battery could be risky.
  • Minimize the screen time out.
  • While not in use keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS off.
  • Auto sinks also used a lot of battery power.
  • Download the required applications only.


Below is the link of mobile which has powerful and long life battery support

Lenovo K6 Power (Grey-3GB RAM) (32GB ROM)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F (Black Onyx, 32GB)

Honor 8 Pro (Black, 6GB RAM + 128GB Memory)

OnePlus 5 (Soft Gold, 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)

Asus Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL-4H870IN (Grey, 32GB)

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