How to choose the best pen drive

How to choose the best pen drive

Everyone is moving to paperless work. From government officials to private hospitals everyone is leading towards digitizing their working system.

In this scenario keeping data is one of the important factors. And for keeping data the device trending at the highest level is pen drive or flash drive.

It is more popular than other data drive because of its portability, ease to handle factor and plug and play functionality.

In surveys, it is clear that more than 75% of people using a pen drive or flash drive to store their data.

Pen drives are coming in approximately same size and design. But there are so many factors like speed and storing capacity differentiating them. At last, this will show you how to choose best pen drive.


What is pen drive? How to choose the best pen drive?


In general, we can say that pen drive means a drive that looks like a pen. It is used for storing the data and taking the backups.


Look for speed and capacity


When you are going to buy a pen drive. You must have wondered a pen drive of 16 GB costs 1000 rupees and another one of same capacity is available on 500 rupees. How is it possible?

It is quite possible, courtesy speed.

Don’t follow only the capacity, speed matters too.

The pen drives having the same capacity as the difference in cost because of the speed.

So we need to look for other factors while choosing best pen drives.


Keep eyes on versions


When you are going to buy a pen drive, you usually can see two versions of pen drives, version2.0 and version3.0.

Version3.0 is supposed to faster than 2.0. It can transfer the data at the speed of 100Mbps as compare to 10 to 15Mbps speed of version2.0 pen drives.


Supports required


It is clear that pen drive 3.0 is much faster; still, it needs corresponding supportive components.

Maximum of desktop or laptop have USB port of 2.0 versions. If your laptop does not have 3.0 USB port than pen drive 3.0 also will transfer the data at the rate of 10 to 15Mbps.

So, choose your device wisely. If you don’t have 3.0 version USB port than Pendrive2.0 is good enough for you.


Size also Matters


Pen drives are getting thinner day by day, but the size of pen drive also matters.

So, when you are choosing pen drive give special attention to size.

As pen drives are thicker there are more chances of having quality components inside the pen drive.

With capacity, size, quality is also a factor, which you should consider before buying any pen drive or flash drive.

However Lightweight and small size pen drives are early to carry but you cannot expect quality components inside.


Password protected pen drives


You can carry your personal as well as confidential data on a pen drive. A pen drive is also available with the security features like password protection.


Go for Quality


If you have to decide between two pen drives of same companies having same storage capacity but having price difference then go for quality. However, if you are not interested in speed then another one will also fine.


Pen drive has limited life span


Every electronic device has limited life span, so has a pen drive. A pen drive’s approximate life span has about 3000 to 5000 cycle. That is more than enough.

You need to take care of this when you are buying used pen drives from a friend or any e-commerce website.

As used pen drives have already used by several life cycles. And you can lose your data.


Buying tips


Pen drives are coming with 5 to 7 years of warranty period.  In this time period, you can repair or replace your device. So check properly the term and conditions before buying.

If you’re buying pen drive for daily use, then check for its speed.

If secure data storing is your purpose then go for password protected pen drive.

In short, you can choose pen drive as per your use.


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I tried to share my knowledge with you. How much you like it, let me know through comment box. And of course, suggestions are always welcome.


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