How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube

Now the youngster doesn’t want to be a part of a trend. They want to set a trend. This approach is leading our country to a hub of startup.

It is good also. If you can be your Boss, why should you work for others?

This mindset helps to grow younger entrepreneur for our country.

Youngster finds out different way of earning their livelihood, instead of going on the conventional way.  And working online or making money online is one of such way.

However, there are different aspects of making money online. YouTube videos are one of them. But the question is How to make money from YouTube. Yes, you can make money by posting videos on YouTube. You can make millions if you will choose the right way.

As per business insider list in the year 2016 top earner was earned $15 Million USD.

Let’s discuss some of legit way to make money online through YouTube videos.




If you have a good sense of humor and superb timing of comedy, then you have great chances of making money from home. You could be a next YouTube star.

7 out of 18 highest YouTube earners are doing stand-ups. Smosh($7 million) is one of them. It’s a team of comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla.

The Same trend continues in India AIB and Bhuvan Bam is the top YouTube stars.




If you are good at making a review of any product then you also can make money by starting a review channel on YouTube. Almost half of the top 18 channels coming under this category. They already made million through their respective channels.

The top earner PewDiePie is also started as a game reviews channel. Last year its total income was more than $15million.

Reviewing is a very vast field. You can review movies, games, software, application, show or any event.

Now ROR (Review on Reviews) is also a trending channel on YouTube. That means you can review the reviews of other experts.




From makeup gardening to how to cook recipes tips you can give online.

Makeup tips blog and food blogs are doing good business on YouTube. They are quite famous within younger generations.

In India, Nisha Madhulika and Sanjay Thumma are well earning YouTube bloggers. They have a million subscriber on YouTube.




There is no better thing for children than unboxing a new toy box. Feeling for adults also same, while unboxing any new product.

You can start a channel of unboxing new products. Like for children you can unbox a toy and display and describe how it works. And can put your valuable suggestions.

Unboxing a new gadget also has the same exciting job. You can unbox new gadgets and explain its working functionality. You can add your review too.

So here we discussed some of the topics which you can start a YouTube channel. And you can succeed as a YouTube blogger. But for success, you need the same formula, hard work, dedication, and honesty.

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