How to track my lost mobile?

How to Track my lost mobile

“How to track my lost mobile?”

We never think in that way, coz we lose our hope when we lose our phone. We all believe that we will not get it back again.

But it’s not always true, yes it is right. We can track our phone after losing it.

But How?

There are some features and applications available. We can track our lost mobile with the help of those.

Android device manager

This is a default device manager which comes with Android OS. By default it is not enabled, you need to enable it by changing in settings. You can lock your phone or can erase your data through device manager. After enabling it you can locate your mobile through this built in feature.

How to use

You have to Login with your Google account. Let’s say in a browser or other Android device. But remember with the same account that you set on your lost phone.

Go to android device manager and select your device. It will display the present location of your device. It’s cool, isn’t it?

In case of iPhone

If you lost your iPhone or iPad then you can use “find my iPhone app”. Which you can get from iTunes store.

Install this app to any other device or access it from the browser and log in with your credentials.

Now you can make a call to that number or can enable the lost mode. Due to this, an alternate number will send to that mobile. If anyone wants to return your phone, they can call you.

How to use

You need to log in with your apple id in then choose “find my iPhone” option. From there you can lock your mobile or can erase your data.

Google Map location history

You need to activate “Location Reporting “and “Location History “features. In case your phone gets switched off you can track the last location of your phone.

How to use

Login with your Google account in the web browser and check the “Location History” feature. You can get the last location of your phone. And if your phone is still switched on you can get the real time location.


Samsung find my mobile

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung is also providing an app called “Find my mobile”. Which can be helpful to find your lost mobile.

With the help of this app, you can make a call, send an SMS and can erase your data. Provided your mobile should have an internet connection and register with Samsung account.

How to use

Login with your credentials in finds my mobile website. There you need to select the option called “Locate my device”. If your device has the internet it will be helpful to track the location of your phone.


So never lose your confidence if you lost your phone. There are ways to find out your lost phone. Still, there is hope. Would you like my article, let me know through comments. Any critics or suggestions are always welcome.

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