7 Important things to know before buying a Laptop

Important things to know before buying a Laptop

In this tech-savvy era, a laptop is a real companion to you. From morning to evening our daily works are depending on the computer. So if you think to buy of your own, below are some important things to know before buying a Laptop. As we believe-

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Let us see some important features and requirement you should aware of before buying a laptop.


What is your need?


You need to ask some query to yourself. And the answer to those queries will give you a clear idea. You should aware of why you are buying a laptop? What is your real need?

  1. Watching movies and regular computer use.
  2. Gaming, designing.
  3. Computer Programming.

According to your need laptops are available with different features and in different ranges.

If your preference is watching movies, videos on the internet, then a laptop with normal RAM capacity and usual graphics will be fine for you. With this configuration, you can perform your office work too.

If want to play highly graphical games or your profession is designing, then you go for a laptop having better graphics.

And if you are computer programmer then you need high RAM capacity.


Screen size


For movie lover’s I will suggest a wild screen with higher resolution so that they can enjoy the picture quality.

Designers or game lovers need good graphics. A screen size of 15 to 17 is good for you.

Are you a traveler or want to work while traveling or for office work small screen laptop for you.

HD screen laptops are also available so check the resolution too.


Battery Backup


Laptops are available in different power range like mobile, so according to your need decide the capacity of your laptop.

On an average 7 to 8 hours capacity laptop is ok.


Do not forget RAM


More RAM size will be better. Although 4GB RAM is enough for office work and watching movies etc.

If you want fast performance then go for 8GB RAM.

Are you looking for budget laptop then go for better RAM size


Hard Disk(HDD or SDD)


SSD(Solid State Drive) is the advanced version of HDD(Hard Disk Drive)which is much faster than HDD.

If you want fast and responsive storage then go for SSD but you have to settle on less storage size.

If you want more space then go for HDD(500GB or 1TB).this will not affect your budget too.

Even you want to go for SSD then you can fulfill your need through portable hard disk too.


Choose right processor


Whatever you want to execute it has to be done by the processor. So processor has a main role on your laptop.

If you have an option of choosing ATOM or PENTIUM processors then go for PENTIUM.

Though core processors are better, these are available in i3, i5, i7 variations.

There is also speed difference between them, you can choose according to your budget. Though core series processors are better than ATOM or PENTIUM series.


Laptop or Tablet


Confuse about laptop or tablet. If you want to do multi-functioning then go for a laptop. Watching movies or listening songs while preparing office document at the same time the laptop will be a good choice.

If you want to do one task at a time like watching movies or playing the game, then you can choose a tablet.


Buying laptop is a one-time activity. So I believe buy the best available product according to your need. Let me know if you think differently. All suggestions are welcome in the comment box.

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hay jatindra…
after reading ur article my mind is totally clear about new laptop specs. thanks for sharing this article keep up good work n good luck.

Thanks Neha,
it is good to know that you like my post.

Hey Jitendra
I really want to buy a new laptop but i can’t find an best laptop for me but your article solves my problem thanks for sharing with us!

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