legitimate part time work from home jobs


Not happy with earnings of 9 to 5 day job? Searching, is there any legitimate part time work from home jobs?

Then this article is for you.

Still, it is early days, but a fresh air of sense is drifting. Now, generation X is looking forward to doing something different. They are not very much intending to do the only regular job.

They are sensing new office at their home.

It is not a fairy tale. It could be true if you desire enough to make it.

Yes, you can WFH – Work From Home. And can earn extra money. And all these you can do sitting at your Bed Room or Balcony or your Garden.

Finding out online jobs are little much easier these days. I am not talking about the fake make money online sites. But the legitimate part time work from home jobs.

There is some website providing legitimate part time work from home jobs. You can register on that site and can earn healthy money.


How to start


To start legitimate part time work from home jobs, you need to register on their website.

Then you can Sign In for online jobs. In the process of Signing In you need to register on International Digital Wallet.

The option for registering on Digital Wallet comes after Signing In website. It is necessary because after your work has been done you need not face any obstruction to get your payment.


Why International Digital Wallet


It is an electronic wallet that is used for business-related money transaction. It connects to Bank Account while Signing In.

It is different for different users.

As soon as your work has been done, money will transfer to your account automatically due to this.


I believe you got enough idea on, how these websites are working. Now it is easier for you to earn some part-time money.

However it is not a cake walk, you need to do some consistent work.

Your accuracy and consistency will be your key to success.

So what we are waiting for, let’s check the following website.


Amazon Mechanical Turk



Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk is a platform, where you will get work as a freelancer or a developer.

This platform is for small and tiny work related to business. You need to complete those tasks online. And you will get paid for that.

The business-related small works are further divided into small chunks of the task and distributed online.

Say for instance you have to calculate the sum of the products from any shopping bill to excel sheet. This type of work will take around 30 minutes.

Mturk usually pays around $4 to $5 for these type of works.

You have to log in at Mturk after that need to follow the steps and you will be done with your work.

You can do as many tasks from home and earn money.





Individual developers and freelancers can be registered to upwork. They will get a fair opportunity to work with their clients.

If you are a web designer, logo designer, develop and maintain WordPress website. Then you can join upwork and can earn handsome amount of money.

Based on your performance upwork has paid you after deducting 20% commission.

You need to login first on upwork website. Then “How it works” page will come. You need to follow step by step to get habituated for the process.

Once you are familiar with the process you can apply for the work. And can be get paid as per your deal with a client.

Upwork is totally a skill-oriented website. You need to show your skill and you will be getting paid accordingly.





It is an online business network of freelance writer and clients.

Clients are looking for the contents for their different business purpose.

If you have good writing skills and deep knowledge of any language, preferably English. You have good chances to succeed there as a freelance writer.

You need to go through a process to get work there.

First of all, you need to register as a contentmart writer. Then upload your payment details. As it is necessary to be getting paid.

After completing initial formalities you are now able to bid for any task uploaded by clients.

You need to bid as a process to getting the work. Explain the description about you and your capabilities.

If everything goes well, the client will contact you for the project. And after delivering a successful project you will be getting paid.

So if you have writing skills you can earn easy money from Contentmart.





It is also a unique online platform. You can earn good money by connecting through it.

It is one of the most recommended websites to get legitimate part time work from home jobs.

It is providing at least $5USD for a work to at most $500USD. Yes, you can earn till $500USD but fiverr pays on the basis of your quality of work.If you also want to work with

If you also want to work with fiverr, you can join by registering on their website. After registration, follow their step by step process to get the procedure done.

Now you are ONN to fiverr.





Freelancer is also a very famous and legit website to earn some extra bucks. Here you will get work as per your talent.

Its major plus point is so many freelancers apply here for work. So competition is more. Out of these freelancers who has enough experience and good exposure to the project will consider for the work.

You have to follow the same process here too, you need to register.


These are some websites which offer you an opportunity to get legitimate part time work from home jobs.

However, you can earn only some extra money from these websites. If you want to do full-time work from home, then start blogging. The following link will help you to start you’re a new blog.

Best legit way to make money online.

What should be your niche for a new blog?

How to write quality content for your blog?

How to use tools for content writing?

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