How to share live location in WhatsApp

How to share live location in WhatsApp

If you want to stay connected with your family and friends with your current location. Then no need to worry WhatsApp is providing a feature where you can share your current location. If you want to know more about How to share live location in WhatsApp, then this article for you.

This feature is added into new update of WhatsApp. They updated the share location feature to share live location. Due to this feature, your friends come to know your live location as soon as possible you will share your location with them.

However this feature is not introduced till date, but very soon it will be.

While launching the feature WhatsApp says it is a quite useful feature as you can inform your near and dear that you are fair and safe and will reach home early.

On the other hand, if you are going for a holiday, and want to share the journey with anyone, this is the easiest way to do that.

Other than this if you ARE going to meet friends in any new city or place then they can track you all the way.  In this way, they can help you to reach the place easy and safe way.


How to share live location in WhatsApp


Still, WhatsApp is providing the feature of sharing the locatio0n. But with this feature, you can share only the current location. That means you can share where you are.

Whereas with the new enhancement you can share your current location as well as the destination. But the most fabulous thing is it will show where you reached also.


Your family will aware of your location


Live location sharing option is providing an exact location. The most interesting thing about this is it will work after you come out from WhatsApp. That means if you send you location once to your family then they will come to know how much far away from home.


You can set it off manually


It is not compulsory that always your family can track you. if you want not to share your location then you can set it off manually.


Already launched, you will get it very soon


This feature is already launched for Android and iOS operating systems. But its update is not reached to everyone, it will reach very soon.


So wait and watch for this exciting feature in your Smartphone. And feel safer than earlier.

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