Want to know about stick PC? You need to read this first.

Want To know about stick PC

What is stick PC? Want to know about stick PC?

Forget about laptop and desktop now the time to think about Stick PC’s. For budget laptop also you have to spend around 15k. And for the desktop, you have to make space at your home. But this is so portable and you can buy at 5k.

Small in size or lesser prices does not mean that it is less in performance. You can watch movie, play games and can do your office work too. Intel and iBall like companies are offering this type of stick PC’s you can get these PC’s in Amazon.


Portable in Size


When laptop arrived in the market it had been publicized as portable PC. But very soon the tag of portable PC will be occupied by stick PCs. The new generations portable PC.

Stick PC or PC stick is little bigger on size then pen drive. It is so portable that you can carry it in your pocket.


How it works


Stick pc is also loaded with OS as normal laptop or desktop. You can connect it to your TV. You need HDMI port for that or you can connect it to your Desktops monitor. To operate this you need Bluetooth mouse and key board.


What you can do with this


You can work on this like any laptop or desktop. You can connect it to Wi-Fi. And normally can use internet, Bluetooth and much many works by this stick size PC.

You can watch YouTube videos and can play games by attaching it to your TV’s HDMI port.

You can work for your office also by using this Stick PC.


Variety of ranges


It is available in the market with different varieties in various price ranges. You can order this through online stores like Amazon.

You can get these PC from 3k to 10k price ranges. You will get more features on higher price ranges.

But the stick PC’s that comes on price ranges from 5k to 7k will be a good deal.

It is true internal memory is less, but you can expand its external storing capacity.


Some options


Here are some options of stick pc which can be easily available on Amazon. The product from Intel and iBall




Buying tips


Stick PCs are available from 3k to 15k in the price range. So while buying keep the focus on few things. Like why you need this product.
If your use is watching movies or videos online than 5k ranges device is fine.

But if you want to work or programming then go for higher ranges.


Be cautious and gather all information about the stick PCs. Is it fulfilling your needs? A lot of option and features are available online. Choose wisely.

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